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Miscellaneous Articles

These articles just don’t quite fit in to any of the other categories. There is a hodge-podge of information available here. The huge gamut of topics include subjects such as how to travel with pets, helping a grieving co-worker, business card etiquette, global warming, graphic designing, choosing healthy friendships, and how to deal with emotional baggage. Whatever you are looking for, there just might be something here to fit your fancy. Each of these articles is written by a qualified and skilled author who is an expert in his or her respective field. These articles are available on a non-exclusive basis for publication or reposting.

Lightning Strikes Twice: Proper Grounding Prevents Outages

Living History – The Evolution of Assisted Living Facilities

Back To School On A Budget: Systems (Not Supplies) That Make The Grade

Open Trade Season: Ten Steps for Job Creation

The Overscheduled Child: Moving From Frantic to Focused

Celebrate Earth Day with your own Energy Project

Home Security Devices and Burglar Deterrents

Homework: What To Do When Students Don't Do It

Sexual Abuse in the Workplace: Helping a Coworker Overcome a Traumatic Experience

Thinking Green When You Clean

Building a Greener World, One Building at a Time

Prisoner Recidivism: A Genuine Solution to An American Epidemic

Leading by Example: Green It Like You Mean It

Project Management: The Business of Green

What is Perception?

Are You Ready To Be A Safety Hero? Lessons Learned from the Heroes of Flight 1549

The Top Ten Ways How Not to Advocate for Your Business on Capital Hill

Mind the Gap – Overcoming the Biggest Hurdle in Safety

How to “Green” Your Business

Are Traditional Publishers Following after Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors?

Finding a Graphic Designer

Twenty Questions to Energize Your Safety Process

How to Help – and How Not to Help – a Grieving Co-worker

Teaching Children Spirituality With or Without a Church

Pets on the Go: Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

Bereavement Etiquette

Safety Mind Games: Readiness versus Barriers

Empty Chair at the Holiday Table

Know How to Stop, Drop, & Roll? Then It’s Time to Rinse, Lather, & Repeat

What’s Your Burka?

Dad’s Dozen Protects Children

To Grandmother’s House We Go

Global Warnings

The Pregnant Soldier

Can Powerful Women Be Righteous Women?

Crisis Tips For Loved Ones

Missing Someone so Much it Hurts? Try the Brokenheart Stomp!

Looking Professional at Work: Forget the Trends and Focus on Your Body Type

Profiting from Disaster: How to Ethically Make Money During Times of Crisis

Leaving the Right Impression with Business Card Etiquette

Twelve Tips to Help Burned-out Toddlers Repair Mental Muscles

Popcorn, Pop and Pure Awareness

Don’t Carry On Emotional Baggage: Being in Control of Being in Control

They Really Are Friendly Skies: Overcoming Fear of Flying

Help Your Child Choose Healthy Friendships and Avoid Toxic Friends

Are Digital Storage Devices Stealing Your Business Pictures?

How to Take Better Digital Photos 101

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