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Advertising Articles

The articles on this page revolve around the topic of advertising. Some articles offer advice on how to best use your advertising budget, while others show what the current trends are in the industry, and still others still present mistakes to avoid. Wherever you are with your advertising, there is something to affirm what your company is doing and in what direction you should be heading. With technology continually changing, the field of advertising is also constantly shifting. All of these pieces are written by qualified and skilled authors who are experts in their respective fields. These articles are available on a non-exclusive basis for publication or reposting.

Use Your Advertising Dollars to Reach the Female Demographic

Use Your Advertising Dollars to Reach the Male Demographic

Advertising and Color

How to Use Print Advertising to Drive Your Online Sales

Advertising Trend: Why Your Business Needs Both TV and Internet Ads

Advertising’s Compound Interest

The Five Platinum Rules to Online Advertising Creative

Want to Reach More Buyers? A Multi-Media Advertising Approach is the Key

Why Infomercials and Commercials Fail

Keeping with the Times: The New, High-Tech Face of Advertising

Expand Your Online Advertising Horizons

Million Dollar Mistakes: 10 Advertising Blunders to Avoid

The New Face of Advertising: Creative Approaches for a DVR World









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