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Sue Dyer's Articles

Sue Dyer is the creator of the Scorecard Program, a monthly measurement system that allows leaders to assure that project and organizational commitments are met, and fleshes out risks and issues before they become problems and disputes. She is the first woman in the US to head a major collective bargaining unit for the construction industry. Author of the award winning book, "Partner Your Project," Sue is a pioneer in the partnering movement. She is President of OrgMetrics, a consulting firm specializing in non-adversarial approaches to preventing and resolving disputes. Please call Sue at 925-449-8300.


Becoming a Trusted Leader

Create an Atmosphere of Partnership

Don’t Get Stuck in a Chinese Finger Puzzle

Expect Chaos

Four Steps for Solving Your Problem

The Root Causes of Poor Communication

The Seven Core Competencies for Partnering

The Three Levels of Cooperation




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