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Landy Chase's Articles

Landy Chase, MBA, CSP, is an expert who specializes in speaking to corporations and associations on advanced professional selling and sales management topics. After nearly 2,000 client programs, his re-hire rate exceeds 90 percent. For more information,call 800-370-8026.



When Persistence Becomes Stupidity

Getting Prompt Buying Decisions: Three Critical Mistakes That Prevent You From Closing Sales

Online Bidding: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come

Car Dealer, Heal Thyself

When Qualifying Calls: Nothing Deats a D-A-M-D Good Lead

Getting Promoted: How to Win the Rat Race – Without Being a Rat

Do you suffer from "Maybe-itis"?

Is Your Sales Force Ethical?

It Ought To Be Illegal

Get Your Direct-Mail Marketing Pieces Opened and Read

Managers: Rid Your Sales Team of Parasites

Doofus and Dumbo in the Mornings: Drive-Time for Losers

So Easy, a Sales-Man Could Do It

Get Rid of Your Sales Parasites

Land of the Donut-Eaters

Selling and Fishing: What's the Difference?

Still Cold Calling? You’re Doomed

To Dig Into Large Accounts, Find A Mole

The Unpaid Consultant

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