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Peter Aursnes's Articles

Peter Aursnes is the author of the book "Unlock Your Future: The Key to a Fulfilling Life," a transition coach and owner of Quantum Leaps Consulting, LLC. With a degree in management sciences from the University of Manchester, England, Mr. Aursnes has 27 years experience in the corporate world, mainly from the food and beverage industries and with special experience in organizational turn-around and down sizing all done in a transitional way rather as abrupt changes. He has also worked for the International Red Cross as a delegate in the Republic of Georgia.

Peter Aursnes is a native Norwegian and lives in Oslo, Norway with his wife and two children. He is a true connoisseur with a special interest for wine and cheese and the pairing of the two. He also knows his coffee very well. His focus is on helping individuals and companies with transitional


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