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Lior Arussy's Articles

Lior Arussy is the President of Strativity Group and the author of several books. His latest book is Passionate & Profitable: Why Customers Strategies Fail and 10 Steps to Do Them Right! (John Wiley & Sons, 2005). To learn more about customer strategies, sign up for Lior’s newsletter at his website.

The Biggest Enemy of Customer Strategies

Captive Customers – Reality or Fiction?

Chainsaw and the Art of Amazing Customer Experiences

Collaborative Versus Competitive Customer Relationships

Create a Great Customer Experience

Decisions at the Moment of Truth

Delighting Customers One Clip at a Time

Dramatic or Incremental Customer Experiences?: Change the Rules

The Economics of Customer Relationships

Perfecting the Art of Problem Resolution

Short Term Revenues at the Price of Long Term Loyalty

Take Me to the Moon: It’s What Your Customers Want

Where Do We Get Started? – The Quick Hits Are Under Your Nose!

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