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Michelle LaBrosse's Articles

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP®, is an entrepreneurial powerhouse with a penchant for making success easy, fun, and fast. She is the founder of Cheetah Learning, the author of the Cheetah Success Series, and a prolific blogger whose mission is to bring Project Management to the masses. Cheetah Learning is a virtual company with 100 employees, contractors, and licensees worldwide. To date, more than 30,000 people have become “Cheetahs” using Cheetah Learning’s innovative Project Management and accelerated learning techniques.  


Are You Low Maintenance or High Maintenance?

Making Change Stick

What Does Sustainability Have to Do with You?

Project Management as Sunscreen: How to Avoid Getting Burned

ROI: Connecting Talk to Action

Celebrate Earth Day with your own Energy Project

Getting Back to Basics

The Hidden Costs and Dangers of the Shortcut

What’s Your Tagline?

What’s in Your Backpack?

The Project Manager’s Guide to Getting it Done

From Limbo to Liberation

Wellness Tips to Keep Your Mind, Body and Soul “in the Green

Bottoms Up to Great Health!

Thinking Green When You Clean

Building a Greener World, One Building at a Time

Leading by Example: Green It Like You Mean It

Project Management: The Business of Green

Spring Cleaning for Your Soul


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