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Home Security Devices and Burglar Deterrents

By Jason Reinhart

An apartment or a house that presents itself as unoccupied is far more likely to be targeted by burglars than one which is properly secured. Absence of light and noise will attract burglars. While you cannot be home all of the time, you can use several home security solutions that will work for you around the clock. Separately or in combination these burglar deterrent devices greatly reduces the chances of burglary of your home. They are FakeTV, burglar deterrent CD, light switch timers.

FakeTV appears to be an excellent burglar deterrent. It  effectively simulates TV lights in the room that can be seen from the outside, with the fraction of power used compared with real TV. It’s safe, it’s easy to install. Reliable as well.

Burglar deterrent CD has  recorded household sounds, hence, when played,  fills in your home with everyday noises and instantly alarms the burglar that someone appears to be in. This innovative device greatly reduces chance of burglary and has been on the market for sometime. Several manufacturers already sell product online and in home security stores (just google the phrase “burglar deterrent CD”). The main advantage of this audio recording is that it’s capable of creating a realistic impression that your home is occupied. It works best for apartments and condominiums. It is one of the most convincing things you can do to make your home unattractive to opportunistic burglars when you are away. The sounds are nonintrusive, crisp, random household sounds that come from kitchen, bathroom, living room. There are also well designed silence intervals  that effectively contrast with, and accentuate sounds that comes after. Moreover, CD lasts one hour (obviously, a CD Player option “Continuous Play” will be chosen for non stop run), with variety of noises selected, so burglar doesn’t have even the slightest chance to notice any pattern. The volume intensity of the tracks on these CDs is chosen so that it does not disturb your neighbors. These recorded sounds can not be heard through the walls in the same manner your neighbor can not hear your spoon or fork hitting the plate during the dinner. Yet, these sounds can be easily and clearly heard if someone listens outside the front door.

Light switch timers are another, probably, well know, method to make your home look occupied while you are away. You can connect your lamps to your timer and set up appropriate intervals for the lights to be switched on and off. If someone watches from the outside, the lights will be visible in the rooms, and will simulate house occupants activities in a realistic fashion.

Combination of the mentioned devices can make an excellent deterrent effect as well. Before that, let’s talk about some of the limitations. Daytime burglary is a very common thing and it spikes during vacation periods. FakeTV can not be used during the day, obviously because, the day light will prevent simulated TV lights to be visible from the outside. But, you still can use, very effectively, burglar deterrent CD with recorded household noises to make undeniable impression that someone is in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, even when FakeTV can not be used. Light switch timers have similar limitation. They can not be used during the day to make your home look occupied. But, again, playing a burglar deterrent CD during the day, will make a  strong impression to whoever listens in front of your apartment’s or house door, that someone is in going with his or her usual activities.

All police departments recommend to make your home look and sound occupied while you are away on holiday, vacation or out to work or out to school. During the day, play household sounds from a burglar deterrent CD and make your home sound occupied. During the evening and night, using FakeTV and light switch timers in combination with burglar deterrent CD, is an excellent burglar deterrent system while you are away. You have, working for you,  lights and household noises at the same time.

Jason Reinhart, M. Eng., is an Electrical Engineer and Software Developer. He has been working in the software industry more than 15 years. Jason developed software projects for Hydro, Financial and Biotechnology companies. His interests include software application in smart homes, home security, and novel applications in reducing possibility of home invasions. In his free time he writes about home security, software solutions, film, travel, and does digital photography.

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